Silk Road Dances – Berlin –




13th April (17-20)
14th April ( 11-14)
11th May (17-20)

La Caminada Tanzstudio

Böckhstraße 21, 10967 Berlin
This workshop is intended to give a taste of 3 different dance styles of the Silk Route: Persian, Afghan and Uzbek.
Along with a warm up, basic steps and small combinations of each style will be taught.
In the last hour we will study and assimilate a beautiful and fun choreography to be performed on a future event.The Silk Road is the world’s oldest, and most historically important trade route.The name evokes images of caravans wading through desert sand trading rubies and jade, smell of exotic spices such amber musk and sandalwood, and exquisite goods like dates, saffron powder and pistachio nuts.
Persian Classical dance is inspired by Persian poetry and miniature artwork. Movements often reflect the swirling Arabesques, fluid and highly detailed movements seen in Persian Miniature artwork. Characteristic movements include intricate hand and arm movements, sweeping gestures, shoulder isolations, footwork patterns and spins.Common themes in the dance, inspired by the great Persian poets like Hafez, Omar Khayyam, and Rumi are the moth to flame, intoxication with love for the beloved, or a bird spreading its wings to fly to freedom.Afghan dance is a very fun and engaging circular dance with a lot of veil work,hip movements and infectious music to dance along.Uzbek dance is a lyrical and elegant style, uniquely expressive.
Smooth hand motions and playful, flirtatious movements of the head characterize this dance.

Mandira is an international performing dancer/teacher living between Asia and Europe. She is an anthropologist and resentless researcher, in love with any kind of movement. She has studied many different styles of dance in the last 20 years.
She is also the founder of the Dance Sanctuary in Goa, a dance studio devoted to collaborative projects between different art movements & practises.

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