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God respects me when I work
but loves me when I dance
- Tagore

Since a very early age my way of expression was always singing & dancing.
Througt my phisicality I could access and release my always changing emotions and different moods, and this capacity rescued me from an extreme shyness and sensitivity.
Through the medium of the body and movement we get in touch with the most hidden aereas of ourselves: that wide range of deep sentiments moving over mundane worries to the highest peaks of mystic and contemplative union with the divine.
Movement is medicine: it gives us each time a new grounding and heals us when we most need it. Dance has the power to re-align me joyfully with my soul every time and to reconnect me with an intense and subtle spiritual longing.
Movement is the medicine that merges bodies and hearts in one beat, in a triumph of beauty and love, transcending cultural, religious and social prejudices.
Dance is a prayer in motion: an embodied intention originated from our bodily vessel therefore more profound and tangible than a simple invocation by words.
Dance is embodying our divinity on earth, thanks to the absolute perfection of our vessel-body-temple.
The ancient civilizations were aware of the healing powers of Sacred Dances and rituals were a procedure to restore and restablish social harmony and raise the collective towards powerful portals of spiritual transcendence.
In my art I’ve been inspired by ballet & contemporary dance, the Sacred dances of the Silk Road, the gyspy styles all over the world, Indian classical dance, Yoga & Qigong, the whirling infinite of the Sufi dervishes, the Zikr meditations and the circle dances….and I’am always in awe by the circular and elliptical movement of stars and planets drawing impressive intertwined orbit spaces in the celestial vault.

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The elegance of Persian dance: history & decodification

This book is the result of my extensive and personal research on movement & its aesthetics. It is the synthesis of many years of study and teaching that led me to acquire, a solid understanding first, and later, a strong teaching method that I can pass on to anyone who is passionate about this very elegant & refined art.

The book is only in Italian, but it will be translated soon in a couple of languages.
For information write to:
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