Foundation course in Persian Dance
(30 ore)

The aim of the foundation course in mystical & contemporary Persian dance is to offer a strong basics and focus to dancers wishing to train and educate them selves in this elegant and intricate artform.
The teaching is designed to shape the learner through a clear and precise understanding of the Persian aesthetic & tecnique: body lines and torso bendings, decodification of the upper body, basic steps and the art of mystical turning.
This journey unfolds in a period of time (time frame) of 30 hours divided in 3 portions (segments) of 10 hours each. In this way we want to ensure to the students enough time to assimilate the quantity of the material learnt and to carry out with the homework requested.

In the 1st part will be taught:

In the 2nd part will be taught:

In the 3rd part will be taught:

For those who want to teach, it is advisable to combine the training with a private music training, in order to become more and more familiar with the Persian music system.
The construction of a couple of choreographies is required to be shown to the teacher, before accessing the training.

At the end of the path you will receive the manual "The dance of Anahita" by Mandira, which covers in detail the historical, theoretical and codification part of the dance. Certificate and 200 music tracks

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